About Future Forests Network

Helping support the creation of our Future Forests.

The Future Forests Network (FFN) is a not for profit project focused on improving the connection between volunteer tree planters, community event organisers and land owners. 

The information compiled here acts as a testament to the hundreds of projects already underway. Some have been operating consistently for over 20 years, others are one off community events led by people taking matters in to their own hands.

Seeing all this activity inspires great optimism for the potential we have in the UK.

For us to make the most of this potential, as many of us as possible need to get involved.

...creating our Future Forests together.

Tom White

Tom White is the founder of the future forests network.

With a work history in ecology and conservation, in recent years Tom has become increasingly involved with tree planting schemes throughout the UK. He has helped with planting, fundraising, planning and co-leading events.

Tom has a long term interest in the natural world. Since achieving his degree in Environmental Geosciences at Cardiff, he has spent a significant amount of his working life in wild places. Previous roles include: Biodiversity Ranger (DoC, New Zealand); Forest Biodiversity Surveyor (MfE, New Zealand); Boreal Forest Field Surveyor (The University of Alberta, Canada) and Black Grouse Surveyor (RSPB Scotland). He is a qualified mountain leader and is currently employed by Forestry England at Westonbirt Arboretum. 

Having seen a clear need for a central resource to support not for profit foresting groups throughout the UK, in 2018 he began the slow process of researching and compiling a map to promote local public events throughout the UK.  His aim was to help people easily find volunteer events,  to promote and support a proliferation of local foresting projects, and to provide the key resources needed to set up such initiatives.

This idea ultimately became the Future Forest Network.

Andy Smith

Andy runs his own successful web design business and built this website to support Tom's vision. He continues to host and support the site on an ongoing basis.

However, Andy's real passion is trees and he spent many years working for The Conservation Volunteers. He spent his time there growing many, many thousands of native trees in their tree nursery in Northern Ireland.

He also traveled to lots of schools to talk to children about the benefits of trees, demonstrating the rather messy technique of extracting hawthorn seed from the berries. Part of the fun was letting the kids have a go themselves (although cleaning up afterwards was not quite as much fun)!

Andy now lives in the north of Donegal, Ireland, where he grows his own trees (and veggies) whilst enjoying looking after a one acre wildlife garden.

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