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Avon Needs Trees

Marden Valley - Wiltshire


Created - 7th Aug 19

Raising money to buy land to plant on. Focusing on the Bristol and Avon area. They have their first piece of land identified and £20,000 raised. Want to learn more about them, or help them out?


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Ten Acre Wood

West Penrith - Cornwall

Created - 21st July 19

Help Joe East - "to raise money to plant out six acres of my land in West Penwith in Cornwall with native British trees". For this to happen she needs our help. Donate some money and maybe help her plant when the time comes.

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Stoodley Project

Nr Dartmoor - Devon

Created - 13th July 19

Jemima Moore has a bit of land and hopes "to maximise its environmental impact in order to encourage biodiversity and support British wildlife." She needs financial help to make it possible (Just £400).

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Langholme Moor

Dumfries and Galloway


Created - 14 Aug 19

"The Langholm Moor Working Group are working on a community land buy out to establish the Langholm Moor Nature Reserve to benefit the local people, nature conservation & tourism."

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1000 Acres



"We are looking to purchase 1,000 Acres of industrial, brownfield, or industrial land and restore them to natural havens for native flauræ and faunæ. This will, in a small way, work to reversing the effects that humans have created since the industrial revolution."

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Planet Trees SOS

Peak District


"Help our Ancient And Sacred Trees community to protect a beautiful environmentally sensitive site of mixed habitats and wildlife"


"£50,000 gets us woodland if we raise £90,000 then we can also buy the adjoining meadow."

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raising £8,000 to buy oak saplings & then to source land for planting



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