Donations and contributions

Not everyone is able to give the time to plant. Some may prefer to give a financial contribution towards helping those that can. 

Donations will be used in a variety of ways......


1) To provide financial support to landowners who otherwise would be unable to raise the money to plant. 

2) To support community groups in arranging events and getting people to them. (potentially support towards tool purchases, minibus hire and other valid expenses)

Crowdfunded schemes for particular projects may also be listed on the site.

This aspect of the site is under developement.


It is important that all donors are able to fully trust any systems put in place before this commences


Finer details regarding donations are to be confirmed.

It may be that donations and fundraising will be focused at particular events as they arise. Other donations may be explicitly be provided to add to a grant style pot, which groups can apply for funds from. 

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