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Planting season is just a couple or 3 months away now. . This picture shows the one off planting events that were discovered and added to the future forests network map between January and April 2019 (so, 3 months of the planting season not included!). It doesn't include the regular planting carried out by the many long term projects. . Run by unassuming groups all over the country, these secret good deeds have now been exposed for us all to see. Busted! None of them expected to appear on a map viewed by 6,500 people. They were just doing what felt right, locally. It turns out that many hundreds of people have just been quietly getting on with this for years.... under the radar. There was little way we could have known. . Previously there had been no central platform for these events to be listed or found. You needed to be lucky enough to look in the right places and the right time on a village noticeboard or online to find them. Even those specifically looking for events may not have come across them (me on many occasions). . But, now it is much easier! By checking the Future forests network map ( periodically, there is a better chance of finding planting opportunities we can get to. From now on local planting events can be promoted effectively on a national scale. So wherever you live, or go on holiday, there is a chance you will find a way to play your part and plant some trees (if you like 📷:) ). . It turns out we're not so bad after all. Very few people would have been aware of how many projects have been taking place. These inspirational groups are showing us we can do this! We are doing this! There is reason to be hopeful. There are practiced models of how to do this. Large and small scale. We can all be involved. . The aim is to keep the future forests map as up to date and comprehensive as possible, creating a reliable and simple resource for planters and event organisers. Soon these red dots (last seasons events) will be removed to make way for the next seasons planting events (blue tree icons). . From October this year there will be a huge influx of planting opportunities to add to the map. If we want to see changes, we need to take some personal responsibility and play our part. We are about to be presented with a bunch of opportunities to do that. Let's not wait until the Winter of 2020. . Over the next months periodically check the map to see if any events have been added in your area. You could even attempt to organise one yourself... this is what hundreds of other groups have been doing, it is perfectly achievable. . 'like' the future forests facbook page to see updates and developments on the website.


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