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Rewilding and Planting

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Until grants and legislation emerge to support natural regeneration and rewilding, a great way to increase forest cover in the UK is to plant trees. This screenshot shows the rewilding projects that have been added to the map. If you know of others, let us all know about them in the comments below. An increasing number of landowners are looking in to allowing their land to progress through the sequences of natural succession, for the sake of biodiversity, flood prevention, carbon sequestration etc. It seems likely that it will gain support and begin to be financially incentivised. This relies on the discussion maintaining a high profile and gaining public support. To find such conversations, check out Rewilding Scotland, Rewilding Britain Rewilding Europe . Visit places such as Knepp Wildland Safaris and Camping Restoring Hardknott Forest . Rewilding is a potential part of the solution. Tree planting is another. Fortunately tree planting is already subsidised and supported both culturally and legislatively, so we can do it now. There are opportunities all over the country. We can all get involved regardless of if we have land or political influence. So keep an eye on the map and get involved (


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