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With all this planting we're about to get stuck in to, it's worth bearing in mind that we need lots and lots of trees to be able to do this. . The three brown tree icons on this map (in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Devon) are all tree nurseries. . Do you know of any tree nurseries that rely on volunteers that are not shown on this map? If so, please let me know and I'll add them. . I collected a big bag of hazelnuts yesterday, fully ripe and miraculously not devoured by squirrels or insects. The time for harvesting seeds is already here and will stretch for the next few months. Why not collect a few and try and grow them in to saplings? Many people are already doing this. . With plans for millions of extra trees to be planted in the coming years, it is quite possible that demand will outstrip supply. And when that happens the availability of homegrown saplings from locally sourced seed, could be very useful. . .


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