Quick start community group......


So, you want more planting events in your area?

Here's an easy way to start the ball rolling in that direction. And anyone can do it.

You don't need to get bogged down in grant schemes and land availability just yet. The map of events is evidence that there is plenty of land available and that groups all over the country are discovering it.


1- Set up an appropriately named facebook group. Eg - 'Tree planting Derby' .. or 'Darbtree'.

2 - Invite people. Make it known that there is a forum where people are discussing the issue for your local area.

Then.... as a group... 

3 - In numbers investigate options for land to plant on. Encourage people to get asking. Ask Schools, councils, local landowners etc.

4 - Look through the various funding and subsidy options. Potentially crowdfund to support planting and raise the profile of your project.

5 - Organise a volunteer event and post it on your page. Share it on the Treeplanting UK facebook page. Share it with the Future Forests Network and get it on the map.

6 - Plant a load of trees :)

7 - Organise some revisits to the site for some basic checks and maintenance until finally, unleash the young forest from its tree guards! Donate the used tree guards to another planting project.

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