Want to plant some trees?​


​There are loads of opportunities to get involved in tree planting in the UK. Last year hundreds of volunteer events took part up and down the country. The main regularly operating projects are shown on this map.

Throughout the upcoming planting season (November to April), local one off events will be added to this map, so bookmark this website and check back periodically to find events near you.​


Although allowing natural regeneration and succession to occur is the preferred route to enabling a natural kaleidoscope of habitats and much needed scrub and woodland, this can’t happen until we drastically change the way we use land in the UK. Until this begins, to encourage an improvement in our nations ecological health and the growth of new young woodland, we can plant trees.

For this to happen on a large scale we all need to get involved.

Taking this proactive action is empowering, positive and one of the best things we can do to improve the currently declining health of  the nations ecological systems.

Please Note

Most event organisers will be prepared for a few extra volunteers turning up. However, to ensure that they are able to comfortably manage the event, it is strongly recommended that you contact each event leader prior to the day. ​

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