Stand up and be counted

Way More to subscription than a newsletter......

  • Win prizes 

  • Tally your counting days

  • Win seasonal awards & recognition

..... plus....  Newsletter & updates from planting events nationwide

There are big plans in the pipeline to acknowledge and reward the efforts of people as they show themselves to be a part of a solution to our ecological problems.

After subscription you will receive a membership number. At first this may not stand for much, but once we have 5 million people registered :), you'll be proud to share that you were one of the early ones to be involved.

Subscriptions will enable a tally to be made of the planting days you have made the effort to attend. At an event give your number to the organiser and ask them to email confirmation to us.  This will show your involvement in creating our futures forests. Event organisers will also be able to flag up particularly  noteworthy contributions.

To back up the tally, post a photo Take a photo of yourself at the planting day and share it in our facebook group with a comment on the days activities.

We will also acknowledge those groups that organise planting events. 

If you have a nomination for a person who might deserve recogniction let us know.

Agreements are being made with a variety of organisations for free tickets, memberships  & other incentives.

This will be nailed down and confirmed in due course.

At the end of the planting season, prizes will be given to those that have proven their dedication to the planting cause, with different prizes awarded for different achievements. 

Please remember that currently this is informal and designed to encourage people to go out and plant on multiple occasions. 

Have your say!! Potentially feature in our periodic newsletter! Share planting stories, planting tips, short blogs and photos on our facebook page, or via email.


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